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Lets Get Frosty!

About Us

Frosty Club has been around since late 2018 serving a private selection of clients to bring state-of-the-art indoor grown CBD hemp. We recently decided to expand our luxury brand to the public. We provide our club members and partnering distributors with premium product and packaging. Our partnered indoor grow facilities and trimming staff grow and clean exclusive premium CBD hemp. Offering a rotating line of the most exceptional CBD hemp with custom solutions for packaging and distribution. We tailor towards all large or small distributors and consumers who enjoy a luxury product and service.



Our purpose is to create an experience from purchase to consumption that goes above expectations. By joining the frosty club you will be taken care of by our professional customer service team and premium quality CBD hemp flower.


Frosty Club started out as an idea, as most companies do, to provide an understanding of the industry from a different point of view. One with an appreciation for fine cigars, aged bourbons, and top grade cannabis, bringing that level of care and sophistication to the hemp industry. Introducing premium hemp flower grown domestically and internationally, we strive to provide a one stop shop for an experience unlike any other.

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