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CBD: What Is It & Why Should You Use It?

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CBD is a product in the hemp industry that is growing larger and larger in popularity and availability across the country. Many people are confused, however, about the properties of CBD and its relation to the cannabis plant. In today’s post from Frosty Club, we’ll go over everything you need to know about CBD and why you should add it to your daily routine. Keep reading to learn more and shop our hemp flower and CBD products today!


 Image of chemical compound of CBD over hemp plant.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the second most prevalent active ingredient in marijuana. It is derived from the hemp plant which is a cousin of the marijuana plant, however, unlike its cousin, CBD does not deliver the typical psychoactive effects that many people associate with THC. In other words, CBD won’t get you high like marijuana will.


Image of a bottle of oil near a hemp plant.

Delta-8 vs. Delta-9

Two cannabinoids that have recently grown in popularity on the market are Delta-8 and Delta-9. While they have similar names and both contain small amounts of THC, they are quite different in their properties and the process by which they are extracted. Delta-9 is a major cannabinoid that can be found in abundance in the cannabis plant. Delta-8, on the other hand, is a minor cannabinoid with very little presence in the cannabis plant. Of the two, Delta-8 offers an easier user experience, with a great sense of calm and clarity while still feeling a slight high due to a small amount of THC that is present.


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Benefits of CBD

There are a number of benefits associated with the regular use or consumption of CBD. CBD may offset anxiety and depression, alleviate symptoms of chronic pain or ALS, reduce PTSD symptoms, help calm your mind and body for better sleep, and more. And with little to no side effects, it’s hard to think of any reason why CBD should not be added to your everyday routine.


hemp plant in a field.

Why Quality Matters

As with all hemp flowers, CBD products, and anything you intend to consume or use on your body, you want to make sure that the products you choose are of the highest quality possible. At Frosty Club, we provide premium quality CBD, Delta-8, and hemp flower products that have been triple-checked to meet or exceed our highest standards. The better quality product, the more effective it will be to help treat your symptoms.


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