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Guide To Finding Premium Flower

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When looking for premium flower, many wholesale cannabis and CBD vendors claim to have premium bud offerings. But what does that really mean? How do you know the flower is actually premium? To answer this question, here is a guide from Frosty Club to know what to look for when purchasing a premium flower.


Rich, Pungent, and Brightly Colored Buds

High-quality cannabis buds have a rich, pungent smell. It also has deep and bright colors. Low quality cannabis is dark, flakey, and has a mellow smell. When looking for a premium flower, always ensure that the bud is dense, pungent, and full of color.


Trimmed To Perfection

Trimming the flower while it grows is key to cultivating the highest quality and most potent bud. A good cannabis grower will make sure that their cannabis is trimmed perfectly. Trimming allows for the best product possible. Timing keeps the flower free from mold, controlled, and healthy ensures the flower is of premium quality.


High-Quality Seeds

Typically, female plant seeds are the best for premium flower. Good cannabis seeds are black, brown, or a mixture of the two. It is best to avoid green-colored seeds. When a wholesaler purchases seeds, they may not grow the seeds right away. It is important that the wholesaler preserves the seeds as best as possible until the seed is ready to be planted.


Growing Conditions

There are many factors that can affect the quality of flower during the growing process. From the light to humidity, there are a variety of things that can change the quality of cannabis. The light should be bright, but not blinding. The temperature should be hot, but comfortable. Fresh air should be circulated, creating a light breeze. Humidity should be controlled to help the plants grow faster. All wholesalers know the ideal growing conditions, but some cut corners, affecting the quality of the product.


Premium flower is something that most wholesalers claim, but when looking for a premium flower there are many factors that identify high quality from a poor quality bud. When searching for a CBD and cannabis wholesaler, it is important that the product is of the best quality possible. To ensure that all the cannabis products you buy are premium, sign up to join Frosty Club. Our team will work to provide each customer with premium CBD hemp flower. Visit our website to join the club today!

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